Welcome to PhilanthroBlox

I’m excited to start this journey in blogging with you. As I know you have all read My Story (because that’s where we always start with blogs, right?), you know that my friends played an important part of how I came to try my hand at blogging. So here I am, creating a blog.

What is Philanthropy?

I love philanthropy. I’ve learned to give back from a young age. I joke that my first volunteer position was licking stamps at the Junior League of Memphis headquarters when I was 4. I may not have been 4, but I’m still pretty sure that was my first true volunteer position. I grew up giving back to my community.

As with most people working in nonprofit, until recently, it wasn’t through a college major or minor. I simply fell into it and stayed. As my idea of philanthropy has changed over my time in the nonprofit world, the concept has not. Philanthropy is not who can write the biggest check. It’s not who gives the most time to an organization. It’s actually, according to Mirriam-Webster, 1. Goodwill to fellow members of the human race or 2. an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes. In other words, to me, Philanthropy is giving back to those in need; helping causes that are close to my heart; and doing so with a grateful heart for the things I am blessed to have in this world.

If this blog does anything, I hope it brings joy and perspective to someone’s life. And most of all, I hope it starts the conversation around what the topics mean to others in nonprofit careers. By working together, we all improve.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on Philanthropy. I’d love to know.

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