August Nonprofit of the Month: Fort Worth Metro

Meet Fort Worth Metro.

An organization that has served Fort Worth for more than 25 years, and, until recently, not many in the community knew about it. It’s one of those “best kept secrets” that doesn’t need to be a secret anymore.

Fort Worth Metro provides tangible resources to needy families throughout the inner city of Fort Worth giving hope to those that feel hopeless. With a mission to impact the city of Fort Worth with hope and bring lasting change to generations, Metro, as those that know it well say, utilizes its 24-foot sound stage and trailer as a way for families to experience God’s hope and peace.

Metro staff and volunteers live by the values of the organization: Consistency, Tangibility, Visibility, and Mobility. They are not a one-time visitor to the areas they serve. They return weekly with messages of faith. They return with groceries for those who are hungry. They return with shoes for those who need a new pair. They return with turkeys for a holiday meal. But most importantly, they return with fun activities letting families enjoy time together without the stresses of their everyday lives.

Throughout the month of August, follow along as we learn more of the impact that Fort Worth Metro has on our community.

Learn more now:

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