Get Involved with Fort Worth Metro

Fort Worth Metro not only goes out into the community on a weekly basis to bring hope and lasting change, they hold three annual events to continue to provide for Fort Worth citizens. To get involved with one of the events listed below, visit their website to learn more.

The highlight and largest outreach event of the year of Fort Worth Metro’s year is their Soles4Souls event. Fort Worth Metro gives away more than 1,000 brand new tennis shoes. Guests take a seat in a tent, sitting across from a Metro worker who has a towel and a water bucket. The Metro team washes guests’ feet and prays with them before supplying them with a brand new pair of tennis shoes.  It is an opportunity for the guests to feel SO SPECIAL, even if it’s just a for that one short moment. 

Thanksgiving time at Fort Worth Metro means the annual turkey drive, collecting frozen turkeys to give to the families they serve.  One year more than 900 turkeys were handed out to families in need. 

Metro Executive Director, Ruth Calzada recalls one special woman from the event. “One day at our Stop 6 event, I looked out into the crowd and saw a mother crying.  I went to check on her and asked her is she was ok.  She said ‘I was wondering how I was going to feed my kids while they were out on Thanksgiving break.  This turkey is going to feed them and I’m so grateful.'”
Gift cards in multiples of $20 are a great way to give back for this event. The more turkeys Metro can provide, the more families they are able to serve during the time of year where we wish thanks on all.

Fort Worth Metro gives something big away at Christmas, whether bikes, scooters, stockings, etc.  Two years ago, there was a young lady named Cindy.  She had received her bike, and she came up to Mrs. Ruth crying.  She said “Mrs. Ruth thank you so much for my new bike.  I have NEVER had a bike of my own.” We got to make her dream come true! 

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