When the Vision Comes True

The vision of Fort Worth Metro is to see the generational cycles in the inner city of Fort Worth be broken in children and their families by providing them with hope and resources. Here is a story of that vision coming true for one special Metro family.

Story by Ruth Calzada, Executive Director, Fort Worth Metro

Meet Mrs. Tamara Royal.  She has a son who is 27.  He attended Metro from the age of 7.  He is graduating this fall from the University of Houston, and you can bet for sure Metro will be there. Her youngest is 11.  We have practically helped raise her kids in the Stop 6 area.  However, Mrs. Tamara got an amazing opportunity to make a new way for her family this past April.  She moved from the Stop 6 Projects into a beautiful new apartment complex.  She called me one day because she was struggling financially.  She works for the school and when they are not in session, she does not have income. I rallied and collected groceries for her.  When I delivered the groceries, I discovered they were living in this apartment and it was empty. They had NO FURNITURE!

She gave me a tour of the empty shell of an apartment, and she was SO PROUD!  Proud to have made a new way for her family!  I discovered that the projects she had moved from were so infested with bugs and roaches, that she left all of her furniture behind.  Yet she was SO PROUD of her new place.  She said, “It’s like a mansion isn’t it!?!” 

I spent the next few days rounding up furniture for her, and within a week her apartment was fully furnished. She is thriving and has successfully paved a new path for her and her family!

Help Fort Worth Metro continue to live out their mission and vision by supporting them with your own time, talent, and treasure. We’ve spent the month sharing Metro stories and ways to get involved. Now learn how your dollars can make an impact on Metro and the families they serve:

How Your Dollars Help

  • $50 buys a child a new bike
  • $25 buys a new toy
  • $20 buys a frozen turkey
  • $72 fills the Metro truck with fuel for mobile outreach
  • $20 buys a brand new pair of tennis shoes
  • $15 buys a package of socks
  • $200 buys our weekly give away for our students
  • $250 month helps us maintain our sound and equipment resources for our mobile outreach

No matter how you want to get involved, stay connected with Fort Worth Metro on the web, Facebook, or Instagram.

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