Q and A with Carol Klocek, CEO, Center for Transforming Lives

PBx: How long have you worked for Center for Transforming Lives?
CK: 10 years

PBx: Why do you believe in the work of this organization?
CK: I’ve gotten into this work because I wanted to help people like myself. I grew up in poverty. I see myself in each one of the women we serve. I want to help these families so children don’t have to grow up in these circumstances. I want to break the cycle of poverty for women, and I want to break the cycle of trauma. At CTL, our team continues to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty by spreading awareness; helping one family at a time.

PBx: Share your favorite organization experience?
CK: I can’t choose just one, but I love to see the complete before and after transformation with a mother and child, particularly when the family achieves far more than most thought possible.

PBx: Describe your organization in three words.
CK: Dual generational impact

PBx: In what ways can someone get involved with CTL?
CK: We need volunteers to serve as ambassadors to share our mission and stories with others.

PBx: What makes your organization unique:
CK: We are focused on homeless women with children, and we provide quality, nurturing childcare so that mothers can focus on their journey while their children are growing.

PBx: What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about your organization?
CK: We provide services to support our women in every facet of their life to ensure long term success. Currently, we are looking to grow through our pilot program, an opportunity center. This will be a highly collaborative, unique environment with business incubation and accelerators, classes for adults to facilitate access to employment, a makerspace, on-site drop-in childcare.

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