Q and A with Jaime Cobb, VP of Dementia and Caregiver Education, James L. West

PBx: How long have you worked for the organization?
JC: 8 years

PBx: Why do you believe in the work of this organization?
JC: We truly do provide the best care and are always learning. We are always applying our core values of passion, integrity, excellence, respect, and support. We are always trying help everyone affected by dementia.

PBx: Share your favorite organization experience?
JC: My favorite experience here is when I see family members come through our multi-session education classes and see how they positively transform from the first class to the last class.

PBx: Describe your organization in 3 words.
JC: Expert, Visionary, Caring

PBx: In what ways can someone get involved?
JC: People can get involved through being an advocate of our education programs and share our services to all families affected by dementia. We have volunteer opportunities to help our organization in a variety of ways.

PBx: What makes your organization unique?
JC: We are solely dedicated to providing dementia care and we are the only community we know of that has a department dedicated to providing education to families, health care professionals and medical students.

PBx: What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about your organization?
JC: We offer a Day Program, Respite Care, Residential Care, and we offer around 20 Educational classes in and outside our community.

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