Buy the Cookies!

It’s that time of year where those smart girls in blue, green, and khaki vests and sashes set up shop outside of our convenience stores, grocery stores, knock on neighborhood doors, and have their parents post videos on social media saying “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”

Your answer should be YES! Your answer should always be YES! Purchasing Girl Scout cookies is not about spending money on a box of cookies. Purchasing Girl Scout cookies is about supporting the largest girl-led business in the world. The Girl Scouts selling cookies are working toward a personally set goal.

Next time a girl asks you, “Do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” Say yes and ask her what she’s going to do with her cookie proceeds. Ask about her goal.

When I worked for the local Girl Scout council, I started to ask the girls what their goals were. The answers amazed me. These girls knew exactly how many boxes of cookies they needed to sell to reach their personal end goal. Some girls wanted to sell 250 boxes, others wanted to sell 1,500 boxes, while others had even larger goals in mind. Here are some of the ways girls use their cookie proceeds when you buy the cookies:

  • Attend Girl Scout overnight camp
  • Go on a Girl Scout High Adventure Trip
  • Save to go to Europe with our troop before we graduate high school
  • Help a horse that was malnourished heal and learn about taking care of equine in the process
  • Go on an end of year or summer trip with their troop

Girl Scouts make plans, set goals, and sell cookies. Like any business, they learn goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. The shyest, youngest girl learns to be a top cookie seller and look adults three times her size in the eye and ask if they will buy cookies. The older girls learn the value of repeat customers (and are typically the customers who hear first that cookies are on sale each year). No matter the girls length of time in Girl Scouts, they learn how to run a business from the first cookie purchase to the last.

So, as you go about your shopping this year, and you see the girls out selling – stop and ask them what their goals are. Ask them how they plan to spend their cookie proceeds. And buy the box (or more) of cookies.

Need to find a Girl Scout selling near you? Check out and type in your zip code to find a booth location near you.

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