My Story

The idea of PhilanthroBlox came from my love of nonprofits and love of writing. Whether in a paying or volunteer capacity, I’ve brought my own personality into each position I’ve had and learned a lot along the way. I create projects, programs, and events that build up philanthropic interest of the organization. I learn to work with others who are completely different than myself, and I like to think I do it with grace and professionalism (most of the time). Whether revamping a fundraising program/event, creating social media outreach, or simply telling stories to a new audience, these are all the building blocks to philanthropic success. PhilanthroBlox was named – but now what to do with a name?

Enter friends. When I have an idea, I always take it to my inner circle. As I discussed with them what I was going to do next, two friends, in the same day, encouraged me to start a blog. I love to write. I love to share stories. The blog sounded like a perfect match. But what about a logo? I once told someone I know just enough inDesign to be dangerous. I can edit. I can create simple projects (think one page picture brochures). But a logo? That’s a stretch. Luckily, I have friends who are amazing at taking my vision – and super simple concept designs- and turning it into what I want. Thanks to my friends for the encouragement and help to get me started.

I’m excited to bring you along on this journey, sharing my tidbits of knowledge about nonprofits along the way. Welcome to PhilanthroBlox.

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